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Angle Heads Evolution Line

Modular angle heads

The new Evolution line of Gerardi angle heads has been designed from a technical base derived from 40 years experience of solving thousands of production problems, finding optimum solutions and always guaranteeing the highest product quality. More than 96 standard angle head types are now offered, designed, built and distributed in more than 50 countries the world over by Gerardi S.p.A., and available with a range of options to complete their applications and performance potentials.

The Compact design, along with mentioned specifications, allows: highest performances, high speeds, long tools life.

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ATC series

ATC angle heads are ideal for CNC machines with automatic tool change and can be automatically transferred from the tool store to the machine spindle and vice-versa.

The orientation ring and arrester arm support ring are both 360° adjustable to allow the best angular orientation. On FMU heads, the cutter spindle housing can be adjusted at ±90°.

MTC series

This range of angle heads is for conventional machines without automatic tool change.

MTC angle heads (Manual Tool Change) are manually mounted on the machine headstock through a flange.

On FMU heads, the cutter spindle housing can be adjusted at ±90°.


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Main shaft with interchangeable Drive Taper (Double contact) allows an EVOLUTION angle head to be used on other machining centres with different spindle types and sizes. It is also possible to exchange the anti-rotation (arrester) sub-assembly and the input drive taper with no effect on rigidity or accuracy.


Case hardened and ground


with automatic release and Internal coolant through the pin.


Up to 10 bar coolant through the pin included in the standard heads. Options include feeding coolant at 10 bar through the cutter spindle or at up to 70 bar through the machine.


Composed by pin group, ring and shank group


Treated steel head body with 360° positions and internal air pressure, maximum rigidity and corrosion resistant.

Minimum thermal expansion.


  1. ER collet (standard)
  2. Weldon
  3. Shell mill holder
  4. Special



Gleason computer based calculations for the Gleason cut spiral bevel drive gears with ground teeth in order to guarantee a bigger torque.


Angular contact preloaded ball bearings of precision class ABEC 9


Gerardi Evolution angle heads have been designed and are manufactured in Italy.

They are covered by 1 year warranty.

  • ATC - SLIM seriesATC - SLIM series
    Ideal for Micromachining in narrow spaces
  • ATC F90 seriesATC F90 series
    Ideal for milling, drilling, tapping at ±90
  • ATC F90L seriesATC F90L series
    Long series for machining at deep positions
  • ATC F90 10BAR seriesATC F90 10BAR series
    With coolant input from positioning pin and output through the tool
  • ATC FR90 70BAR seriesATC FR90 70BAR series
    Offset series for machining in narrow spaces with coolant input directly from machine spindle and output through the tool at 70BAR
  • ATC FMU seriesATC FMU series
    Adjustable output at ±90° for tilt drilling, milling and tapping
  • MTC F90S seriesMTC F90S series
    8.000 Rpm high speed angle heads with excellent performances in
  • MTC F90L seriesMTC F90L series
    High torque angle heads for heavy duties machining


  • ColletsCollets
    ER-DIN 6499 / ET1
  • NutsNuts
    ER-DIN 6499 / ET1
  • WrenchesWrenches
    ES (Exagonal) - STD (Standard)
  • Anti-rotation groupAnti-rotation group
    Composed by pin group, ring and shank group
  • Pin groupPin group
    Positioning pin with coolant through to guarantee a correct pitch.
  • Stop block Stop block
    The stop block avoids the rotation of the angle head and ensures perfect stability, high precision positioning and repeatability of the automatic tool change.
  • Universal flangeUniversal flange
    Used for the interface between the MTC angle head and the machine spindle
  • ExtensionsExtensions
    On MTC series is possible to extend the lenght of the body by adding an extension.

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