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The most popular (and copied) vise in the world - The perfect mix: price, quality, versatility.

All GERARDI vises and accessories are modular and components of all our vises will interchange with perfect alignment.

The vises can be matched side to side with the highest precision and minimum of set up times thanks to many fixed reference points.

All this is possible thanks to the high precision of the vise particularly as regards:

  • the base high;
  • the alignment with longitudinal key-nuts with respect to the fixed jaw;
  • the perpendicularity of the fixed jaw with respect to the vise base and the parallelism of the base top and bottom surfaces.

Those features allows us to solve the most varied and complicated problems of clamping in a few seconds with the use of more vises.


Standard Vise 0 3 1 2 5 6 4


Thanks to the manufacturing with only the most suitable materials and to the structure of the vise components.

High alloyed quality resistance steel, case hardened HRC 60 ±2, is used in manufacturing all the Gerardi vises and accessories in order to give maximum rigidity, high performances and no wear. As evidence we give 5 YEARS WARRANTY on all the vises and mechanical components.


All vises and accessories are modular and components of all our vises will interchange with perfect alignment to provide different workholding solutions.

With this basic principle the only difference between fixtures with the same width of clamping is the base (whose length determines the maximum opening of the vise), while the rest of components have same dimensions. Through the simple addition or substitution of some components You can change the type of clamping as Your needs require using the same fixture purchased before (single clamping, swivel base, double, vertical, smooth or round or flat or rough workpieces, manual, hydraulic or pneumatic).


The space saving design and solid construction allow a maximum blocking ratio to total overall dimension of the vise.

Furthermore the weight (only 25 kg for a 150 mm jaw width vise) allows a simple moving from one machine to another.


Thanks to the clamping device sliding in the vise base slide (compact rack type) till the proximity of the workpiece. The clamping is completed with the main screw. Besides the manual mechanic system, 4 further interchangeable and independent clamping systems are available:

  1. Hydraulic
  2. Pneumatic
  3. Manual hydraulic
  4. Electrical hydraulic

The change needs only few seconds.


Fixed jaw with 5x5 mm step matchable to the prismatic movable jaw (Art.217 to be ordered separately) which allows to clamp plates without parallels and round pieces vertical & horizontal way. Furthermore it is available the broadest range of jaws and a system of flat or angle parallels for the most varied applications and the machining work of workpieces of any shape and dimension. Unlimited clamping range.

4 extra tapped holes with ground back jaw rear face increase maximum opening capacity of about 80% with the addition of jaw extensions (Art.132 and 133 to be ordered separately).


Both jaws bodies are built in one solid piece (no slides or key-nuts) in order to guarantee higher rigidity & no bending. Both Jaw plates are manufactured with a pull down angle. This ensure, during the clamping operation, a downward run of the workpiece against the vise base (by dragging) and thus a precise and safety clamping!


Every sliding and coupling surface is ground. Centesimal tollerances are guaranteed by checking cycles with CNC measuring machine. The perfect alignment with the machine axis is given by longitudinal and cross keyways (16H7) or positioning holes (Ø16 mm F7), upon specific request, on the vise base. Of course this allows minimum of set up times and gang operations.

  • Type 1Type 1
    Screw M14 - Pitch 2 mm
  • Type 2Type 2
    Screw M18 - Pitch 4 mm
  • Type 3-4Type 3-4
    Screw M24 - Pitch 5 mm
  • Type 5-6Type 5-6
    Screw M30 - Pitch 5 mm


  • Art.313Art.313
    Magnetic parallel plates
  • Art.212Art.212
    Intermediate movable jaw
  • Art.217Art.217
    Prismatic movable jaw
  • Art.246Art.246
    Machinable steel straight jaw plate
  • Art.271Art.271
    Clamping suppport with hydraulic cylinder
  • Art.391 - Art.392Art.391 - Art.392
    Pneumo-hydraulic servo units (complete of hydraulic cylinder + support) for multiple clamping simultaneous or independent

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